• Elbow 90* QuickFit

Elbow 90* QuickFit


Elbow QuickFit

Finally a way to build your own frame and save a lot of money!

Using our QuickFit clamps your able to assemble the frame of your choice.  We assembled a 60" frame similar to the NRS Compact Outfitter frame and the weight was only a few pounds more, weighing in at 67 pounds.

For step by step instructions on how to build your own frame go to the following address:

Fittings come with stainless steel set screws with a recommend set screw torque of 29 lbs/ft. 

Please note at loads greater than 2,023 pounds set screw slippage can occur.

The following websites are an excellent source for aluminum pipe:


■    Nominal Pipe Size     1 1/4" 
■    Pipe O.T.                 1.660" 
■    Fitting I.T                1.730" 
■    Comes with 2 set-screws

QuickFit clamps are manufactured from iron to BS EN 1562:1997 and are weldable cast steel BS 3100:1991 with galvanized finish to prevent rusting.

The NRS tubing which is 1 5/8" will work with our fittings.

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Chancey Floyd

Elbow 90* QuickFit

Don Neff
QuickFit Raft Frame

This is my second frame built with QuickFit fittigs and is certainly the easiest and most cost effective way to go. FrontierPlay is a great small company who make very high quality products at great prices.