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Dry Box



Wholesale Pricing

We manufacture our own dry boxes and sale direct to the public with no Distributor or Dealers.

The box is built with heavy gauge .080 with two tension-adjusting latches and two continuous waterproof gaskets. These keep the box secured during the roughest ride.

We've done away with any rivets - which have a tendency to leak over time - and replaced them with a screw/bolt set-up with rubber washers for a more secure watertight seal.


  • Two tension-adjustable latches.
  • Two water-tight seals
  • Rubber cushioned handles at both ends of the box
  • Built with heavy .080 aluminum
  • Two lid cables which keep the lid in the vertical position when open.
  • From the top of the lid to the bottom of the latch 3 3/4"

"14"    14"L x 14"W x 6"H         10 lbs.        $130

"22"    22"L x 10"W x 12"H       15 lbs.        $210

 "24"    24"L x 12"W x 16"H      18 lbs.        $225

 "26"    26"L x 14"W x 16"H      21 lbs.        $260 

"30"     30"L x 15"W x 16"H      24 lbs.        $270

 "36"    36"L x 15"W x 18"H      28 lbs.        $295

 "37"    37"L x 15"W x 16"h       26 lbs.        $289 

 "38"    38"L x 13"W x 18"H      28 lbs.         $289 

 "42"    42"L x 16"W x 18"H      37 lbs.         $315

Internal Opening is 1" less on each side.  The flat lip where the lid rests when closed and the flat secondary gasket is one 1" on all four sides so the box opening is reduced by one inch.  An example is the 22" box has an internal opening of 20" L x 8" W.