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Venture Series Inflatable Kayaks [IK] are designed for whitewater safety & stability so you can enjoy the thrills of whitewater kayaking without swimming or having to learn to safely use a hard shell kayak.

Inflatable Kayakers

VG IK’s utilize the same 1100 denier polyester fabric as our rafts with an additional 1100 denier wrap on the bottom of the main tubes. This yields a stiff, durable inflatable kayak made to last years of commercial use and a lifetime of private boater use without any sewn in zippers or bladders to maintain.

Outfitter Tested TOUGH!

Day in / day out no-one uses and abuses their rafts like commercial outfitters. Vanguard developed its line to withstand the rigors of daily use and here are just a few of the special features which set a VG apart from the competition.

VG’s Integrated Structural Design yields the best tracking, lowest drag (for ease of paddling/rowing), and shallowest draft whitewater & river rafts on the market without sacrificing responsiveness or stability.

Mil Spec Nylon Webbing on all D-rings & Lift Handles

Using technology transfer from the Parachuting industry VG has re-engineered all its D-rings and Lifting handles. For 2005 VG uses U.S. made Mil-Spec / Resin Treated Nylon Webbing and heavy Duty Marine Grade Bonded Polyester Thread. We have engineered the stitch pattern & design for maximum strength and durability no matter which way you are pulling!

For 2007 VG is pleased to report its new d-rings, and lift handles had a ZERO failure rate!

Improved I-Beam Floor Construction

VG has one of the strongest I-Beam floor designs on the market, however, that was not good enough for us! Last year VG completely reviewed and analyzed its I-beam floor manufacturing processes in order to improve the product. Through changes in manufacturing, improvements in Quality Control and the development of Proprietary Manufacturing Processes VG's I-beam floors stronger than ever! For 2007 VG has implemented even greater production controls to make its floors tougher than ever.

Full Wrap

Currently the only manufacturer in the industry offering a “Full Wrap” as standard! More features of Vanguard Inflatable Rafts

* Integrated Structural Design for stiffness, durability, light weight, & superior tracking.

* Quality of construction

* Outstanding value for your money!

* 1100 denier rated tube fabric on all boats & IK's

* Full Wrap of 1100 denier tube fabric

* 4000 denier/65 ounce asymmetrically coated PVC floor fabric

* Attached Self Bailing Floors

* Bow & Stern Handles Standard

* Leafield Valves [C-7 & A-6]

* Two thwarts standard

* Multiple thwart attachment positions


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