Outfitter Strap Package

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Outfitter Strap Package

The complete strap package for those extended trips when a lot of gear needs to be secured!

The following items come with the Outfitter Strap package:

■   4    2'  Straps
■   8    4'  Straps
■   8    9'  Straps
■   4   12'  Straps
■   6     6'  Loop Straps
■   Cargo Net with 9  4' straps

The cargo net is one of the most versatile rafting accessories you can own.  Can be secured over the top of gear or hung between two cross bars to ceate a cradle for gear.  You will be amazed at the time you'll save securing your load with a cargo net.

Cargo Net Sizes:

■   Small: 60" x 80"
■   Large 70" x 90"
■   Large nets are for boats 16 feet or longer

Webbing Tensile Strength: 1,500 pounds
Buckle Strength: 2,000 pounds
Strap length woven into polypropylene webbing

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