Oar Lock Setup

Our Price: $175.00
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Oarlock setup

Complete oarlock setup for 3 oars and 1 frame, comes with the following:

■   3 Oar rights 

■   3 Oar sleeves 

■   3 NRS Atomic aluminum oarlocks 

■   2 Split rings 

■   2 Springs

Actual oar mount not included since the oar mount is usually sold as part of the frame.

Pros &. Cons for Open Oarlocks


■   Oars slide easily up and back down the oarlock when pulling oar in to avoid obstacles. 

■   Easy to re-position mid-rapid if "popped out" of oarlock. 

■   Ability to feather blade (when not using oar rights). 


■   More expensive. 

■   Oar can be completely released from oarlock if enough force is applied. 

■   Has more "play" which can be noisy.

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