Why Our Dry Box

Prices Are So Low 

Our dry box marketing plan is to sell direct to the consumer and pass on the savings to you.  We do not work through a Distributor or Dealer network.

People assume price and quality are directly related.  These boxes would cost substantialy more than other dry boxes on the market if we added in the middle person mark up.

There are two seals which means additional manufacturing work in order to get two flat surfaces to make contact on multiple seals.  Going with bolts, rubber washers, and locking nuts require more labor than a simple rivet; however, the industry wants you to believe that rivets are superior.

 A rivet, over time, with pressure and stress, loosens and creates a gap for water to enter the box. We choose not to use rivets for this reason, but instead to spend more money for hardware and labor in order to create a long lasting dry box.

Piano hinges are another item which the industry considers essential to a quality dry box.  A piano hinge requires a lot of holes along the box to be attached which creates leaking points. We use two hinges which are extremely strong.  Afterall, how many hinges are used to hold a wood or metal door?

Kitchen Dry Box

List Price: $520.00 You Save: 33%
Our Price: $346.00
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Kitchen Dry Box

 Instant kitchen, anywhere!

 Set up your kitchen instantly with our Kitchen Dry Box.  Pull into camp and have dinner going  for your hungry crew in minutes! Shelf and legs store easily inside box.

We've done away with rivets which have a tendency to leak over time and replaced rivets with a screw/ bolt set-up with rubber washers for a more secure water-tight seal.

38" L x 13"W x 18" H


  • Two SouthCo tension-adjustable front latches 
  • Two water-tight seals
  • Rubber cushioned handles at both ends of the box
  • Built with  heavy .080 aluminum
  • 38"L x 13"W x 18"H
  • Two lid cables to hold the lid vertical when open.
  • Weighs 36 lbs.

The hardware on our dry boxes isn't the prettiest.  We didn't want to go with rivets because over time with stress and pressure they have a chance to loosen, which allows water to enter the box.

We went with a tapered bolt for the latches and keepers where most of the stress occurs in order to get the snuggest fit with the goal in mind of building a dry box.

We’re often asked can these dry boxes be walked on or can a seat be placed on the dry box?  Yes these dry boxes can be walked on and used as a seat.  They are that sturdy! The below pictures shows a 338 pound person standing on a 36” length dry box.


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